Welcome on board. is a studio for animation and motiondesign, based in Vienna, Austria.

What we do: was founded by Matthias Innauer and Sebastian Freudenschuss and is currently the home of Erika Schaefer, Matthias Innauer and Sebastian Freudenschuss.

We founded to create a framework to experiment with different techniques and try completely new processes. To bend rules, cross boundaries and jump into cold water again and again.

Our tools of trade are animation and motiondesign and everything which comes with it, like illustration or characterdesign. To tell stories, illustrate complex processes, visualize products or simply generate attention.

What we do? Everything that moves.
We produce classic TV spots. From 4K to mini-DV.
Musicvideos? Of course.
From square format to anamorphic.
Also GIFs [gɪf]. is part of the Landjäger Kürzestfilmfestspiele - since forever.

Matthias Innauer

instagram: @ynny.mp4

Sebastian Freudenschuss

instagram: @freudi.jpg

Erika Schaefer

instagram: @maagicpig